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Website dedicated to vintage signed jewelry,"" is the fruit of the collector antique jewelry passion

The excellence of great houses' creations such as: BELPERON, BOIVIN, BOUCHERON, CARTIER, CHAUMET, FALIZE, FRED, LACLOCHE, LALIQUE, MAUBOUSSIN, MELLERIO, STERLE, VAN CLEEF & ARPELS, WIESE, to name only the best known, has over time raised French jewelry to the of honor.

From the beginning of the 19th century, the great monarchs and their courts were not mistaken in soliciting the Parisian jewelers who knew how to preserve this supremacy.

Collecting ancient jewelry is a true true long-terme adventure. Studying materials, stones, the evolution of techniques, is fascinating. Beyond the craftmen's work, one is soon to discover artists, creators, and their extremely varied sources of inspiration.

Animals-inspired jewels preharps reserve the deepest satisfactions. Each is the product of the observation of nature by a jeweler displaying fantasy and wit as much as his art of marrying precious metals and stones. Selecting famous signatures the ensures that workmanship and stones are of exceptional level.

This website's aim is to share such a passion, to exchange information difficult to find in this closely guarded field. Being made by hand, each jewel is unique . Beyond its sheer beauty there is an idea, a concept, artists to be discovered and... a story to be told.

----- YOU WISH TO SELL a signed jewel of animal character and old, we can take it on our site in "deposit-sale", you will touch the price indicated on the site.
----- YOU WISH TO BAY a jewel which is in "deposit-sale" on our site, you will have to pay the seller the marked price and a brokerage commission of 10% to the site which vouches for the authenticity of the product by realizing you have a certificate of authenticity.

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There are trades which require considerable sums of knowledge. The one of auctioneer is one of those, because it requires having a minimum of "varnish" in all areas of the art market in order to appear credible in the eyes of amateurs and collectors.

After 40 years in the business, we can see that there is still a lot to learn! Once you retire, if you choose to deepen one of your specialties, you realize that a second life is not going to be enough to cover it. But what pleasure to share his discoveries in the closed world of signed jewelry.

Maître Hervé CHASSAING puts his experience at your service to guide you in this enchanting universe ...